Independence Resources for Healthcare Providers

  • Sell, H., Nagaswami V., & World Health Organization. Promoting Independence of People with Disabilities Due to Mental Disorders: A Guide for Rehabilitation in Primary Health Care. A manual in eight modules, focusing on psychosocial rehabilitation. Each module covers a different aspect related to promoting independence in people with mental illness.
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  • Michalak, E.E., Yatham, L.N., Kolesar, S., & Lam, R.W. Bipolar Disorder and Quality of Life: A Patient-Centred Perspective. Several quantitative studies have generally indicated that quality of life is markedly impaired in patients with bipolar disorder. This paper presents a series of in-depth qualitative interviews conducted as part of the item generation phase for a disease-specific scale to assess quality of life in bipolar disorder.
Views: 1667
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